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A practical and affordable way to create a thermal barrier in your shipping container is to insulate it.

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Customizable Shipping Container Insulation

Shipping containers have evolved beyond their traditional role in cargo transportation and thus the need for insulation.

Today, shipping containers are used for a variety of purposes, including furniture, equipment, and inventory storage. They can be transformed into reasonably priced apartments, chic retail locations, or on-site offices at building sites. They serve as creative studios for artisans and artists, and event planners can use them as distinctive locations for their events. Shipping containers can also be used as temporary classrooms, clinics, and even miniature swimming pools. Their versatility and adaptability make them a popular choice across industries, providing secure, weather-resistant, and customizable solutions for various needs.

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Looking to insulate your shipping containers in Ottawa? Look no further than the Husky Group’s shipping container insulation services. We offer superior thermal protection for shipping containers with our knowledge and cutting-edge insulation solutions, protecting you and your valuables from inclement weather, humidity, and temperature fluctuations.

In order to insulate containers with the best insulation performance and energy efficiency, our knowledgeable staff uses cutting-edge technology. Our insulation services give you the peace of mind you need, whether you’re housing perishable goods, sensitive equipment, valuables, or it is being utilized as an office or residence. Trust the Husky Group for reliable shipping container insulation services that prioritize quality and protection.

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Spray Foam Insulation for Container Homes

One of the biggest challenges that shipping container homes face is finding proper ways to insulate the container itself. One of the easiest and quickest ways to insulate a container home is with spray foam insulation. This insulation material can be sprayed directly onto both the interior and exterior walls of a shipping container.

Spray foam insulation fills in nooks and crannies and irregular surfaces when sprayed to interior walls, effectively sealing any potential air leaks. Thus, less excessive heating or cooling is required to maintain a comfortable home temperature.

Similar to this, spray foam insulation functions as a barrier when it is applied to exterior walls, keeping changes in the outside temperature from impacting the internal environment. It also serves as a barrier to moisture, avoiding problems like condensation or water damage. In addition to its insulation properties, spray foam also offers soundproofing benefits, reducing external noise infiltration and providing a quieter living environment.

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