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Welcome to The Husky Group, Lanark’s foremost provider of premium insulation services, including spray foam insulation, batt insulation, and blow-in insulation. Our insulation company is dedicated to improving the energy efficiency and comfort of your Lanark property through expertly provided attic insulation, wall insulation, and basement insulation.

The Husky Group is a collective of insulation experts who specialize in a wide variety of insulation projects. Trust us to bring enhanced comfort and efficiency to your Lanark home or business.

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Lanark spray foam Insulation

Spray Foam Insulation
Services in Lanark

Elevate your Lanark property with The Husky Group’s exceptional spray foam insulation services. Our skilled professionals utilize the latest in insulation technology to seal your space against air leaks and moisture, providing a significant boost to your property’s energy efficiency and comfort levels.

As Lanark’s go-to insulation service, we’re here to deliver the best in professionally done spray foam insulation. Get started with us today for all your spray foam insulation needs.

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basement insulation installing

Our Insulation
Services in Lanark

The Husky Group is thrilled to bring a comprehensive range of insulation services to Lanark, including spray foam, batt, and blow-in insulation. Our professional team is equipped to address all your insulation challenges with efficiency and expertise.

Boost your Lanark home’s energy efficiency with The Husky Group’s cutting-edge attic insulation. Achieve year-round comfort in your living spaces.

Lowers Heating and Cooling Costs: Significantly reduces your heating and cooling expenses by keeping your Lanark home’s temperatures consistent.

Enhances Home Comfort: Ensures your Lanark residence stays warm in the winter and cool in the summer, elevating comfort for all seasons.

Find out more about our attic insulation services in Lanark here.

Elevate your wall efficiency with The Husky Group’s exceptional wall insulation services in Lanark. Enjoy improved thermal efficiency and energy conservation.

Boosts Energy Efficiency: Enhances your Lanark home’s ability to conserve energy, leading to decreased energy usage and costs.

Reduces External Noise: Cuts down on the intrusion of external noises, creating a more serene and peaceful home environment.

Explore our wall insulation solutions in Lanark here.

Secure and insulate your basement with The Husky Group’s bespoke basement insulation services in Lanark. Transform your basement into a more inviting and warm space.

Combats Moisture and Cold: Provides a barrier against moisture and cold, helping to prevent mold and improve air quality.

Expands Comfortable Living Space: Converts your basement into a more comfortable and inviting area of your home.

Learn more about our basement insulation services in Lanark here.

Prepare your Lanark home for efficient upgrades with our thorough insulation removal services. The Husky Group ensures your space is ready for high-quality insulation improvements, enhancing energy efficiency and home health.

Boosts Indoor Air Quality: The removal of old or damaged insulation clears away pollutants and allergens, greatly enhancing the air quality of your home.

Enables Efficient Insulation Upgrades: Essential for modernizing your insulation, our services allow for the installation of more effective and efficient materials.

Discover our insulation removal services in Lanark here.

Create a tranquil, quiet space with The Husky Group’s soundproofing insulation in Lanark, perfect for homes and businesses seeking to reduce external noise.

Increases Privacy: Reduces sound transmission within and from outside your property, enhancing the privacy of your space.

Promotes Relaxation and Focus: Significantly lowers background noise, making for a more conducive environment for relaxation and productivity.

Find out about our soundproofing insulation services in Lanark here.

Offering a wide array of insulation services in Lanark, The Husky Group is prepared to meet your specific needs. Contact us today to discuss your insulation project, and receive all the information necessary to move forward.

Take advantage of Lanark’s leading insulation company, The Husky Group, for all your insulation requirements.


Why Trust Husky Group?

Our goal is to provide our Lanark clients with affordable, high-quality insulation services that are long-lasting.
Take a look at why our Lanark clients trust the Husky Group for all their insulation needs:


Trained Professionals

Our experts are properly trained in a wide range of insulation services to provide efficient and effective insulation installations.


Trusted By Many

We are recognized in Ottawa, Kingston, Belleville, and the surrounding areas as a trusted and reliable insulation service provider.


Certified Employees

Our team has the required certifications to ensure proper and safe worksite practices. Our professionals know the ins and outs of spray foam insulation.

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